How Shopping Mentor Extension Will Help Your Customers ?

What is Shopping Mentor? Having this type of question right now right? It is a Mageto 1 Extension Developed by Elsner Technology.

Because for your eCommerce store all you need is some uniqueness so are is demand. The extension is needed because to personalise your store for customer’s friendly store. Shopping Mentor is a tool which leads your customer to purchase online. This Mentor launched by Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd. to help a customer to purchase accurately and exactly as their essential.

What are the fundamental for your eCommerce store:

  • To make a clear scenario to your customer’s need. Like what they want to buy. The less confusion, the less frustration and buy happily.
  • Non-technical individuals will get more idea about the attribute of products.
  • Products will be filtered in an appropriate price range.
  • It will filter essential products according to you customer need from zillionth of products.

he chief advantage of Shopping Mentor extension:

  • Increase your sale.
  • Saves money and time of customers.
  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Highlight right products.

Shopping Mentor Works like a real Mentor who will help you to filter right products.Shopping mentor is ideal for eMentoring. It is extremely patterned and scaleable. Accurately designed. Inclusively helps you to start a successful and smart mentoring idea on your eCommerce is flexible for professional smartness which is much easy to access. This extension is time-saving for you customers and excellent support to your customer to purchasing easily.

A line for shoppers:

Shopaholics out there, listen, keeping on scrolling is quite boring after a hectic schedule. Here is shopping mentor which helps to filter according to your essentials at your favourite eStores. Here you go and shop best out of it.

Shopping Mentor is a considerable step toward smart artificial intellegence. This kit is designed by Magento eCommerce development experts to delight eCommerce store owners. This tool helps you to boost up your store like boom. It will help your store to expand you store conversion rate. It is not just simple filter technique. It is a highly advanced program that is based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. This technology is more advanced than regular filter technology.

Now, what is AI technology?

It is a bang in IT sector. With this technology, computers can think like a human brain. Isn’t that amazing!

Shopping Mentor is a creation of Magento eCommerce Development experts who made this resourceful tool. Shopping Mentor is a boon for eCommerce store owner! This extension serves to your store as a digital assistant. It will make your complex decision paths easy and analyse the need and user’s selection. It integrates with a third-party solution to let you get the most appropriate product relevant to your requirement.

Needless to say that, on an eCommerce website, zillionth of products are out in each and every category. So with this many options, it is difficult for your customer to choose a product of their own choice. Also, people have less knowledge about electronics product because of less technical knowledge. So Shopping Mentor will ask your customer very relevant question and search according to their need. Easy as a way! Love your customer and they will love you. Apply Shopping Mentor to your store and stay smart.