Shopping Mentor : Must Have Extension for every eCommerce Store Owner

Shopping Mentor : Magento Extension

Being an eCommerce store owner, you have to innovate on a regular basis. In this era of fierce, cut-throat competition, an online store has to constantly evolve with time. The trends in magento eCommerce development keep changing, the trends in WooCommerce keep changing, everything is very dynamic. Thus, you need to strategize as per the market and focus on maintaining and boosting your sales.

If you were not living under a rock for the past few years, you must have heard the term “Artificial Intelligence”. It is the next big thing in the IT sector. With AI, computers can be made to think like humans (up to some extent). However, the eCommerce and Retail sectors have not quite been introduced to AI.

The “Shopping Mentor” tool is the latest extension by Elsner Technologies. It is the brain-child of expert Magento Developers, who have created this resourceful tool in order to make online shopping easy. It is meant to help the customer out, in making a choice of what they want to buy. The mentor will guide all kinds of purchases that are made online.

Shopping Mentor : Magento Extension

Let us say you want to buy a laptop. You go online, surf for laptops in an eCommerce store. Most of the times, you see search results that are irrelevant to your budget, requirements or other specifications. So you apply filters. You still don’t get a refined list. Thus you end up abandoning the site.

The above instance is a headache for eCommerce store owners. Their visits do not result in conversions due to the inconvenience. Up until now, there were no targeted Magento Development Services available that could help in this kind of problem. However, the “Shopping Mentor” is now here.

Let us explain the working of this tool using the same instance. When you have The Shopping Mentor extension installed in your store, it will serve as a digital assistant. The way they explain and guide customers manually through their purchase in an offline store, this mentor will do the same work online. When the customer will enter their requirements in this smart mentor, it will ask a few questions regarding the purchase. When the details have been entered by the customer, it will show very appropriate and refined search results, just what the customer wants. It will give results that are worthy of the purchase and suit the requirements of the customer.

Therefore, it will make shopping very easy for the customer. They will not have to keep scrolling to buy what they want. The best results suiting their need will be at the touch of some clicks and typing of letters. Isn’t that amazing?

For all eCommerce Store owner, this extension is a boon. It will significantly boost your sales. Become the customer’s favourite eCommerce Website by having this extension in your store. This extension is a must have for all eCommerce stores. Stop waiting, and get your eCommerce AI, “Shopping Mentor” now.

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