Conscientious Collections

While collection is the primary service Eltman Law provide for our clients, it is not our only priority.

We invest heavily in maintaining strict compliance in regulatory matters for our clients. But even more importantly, we recognize our obligation to do right by every consumer we interact with.

Our firm has been in practice since 1947 and has a proud tradition of integrity and ethics. We know there’s more to every consumer’s story than a name and a delinquent account balance.

While we have built our firm to handle the high-volume needs of leading national creditors, we have also made sure that volume did not compromise our ethical responsibility.

We have hired a dedicated staff to maintain our standards of integrity, and we are proud to maintain profoundly low percentages of complaints and countersuits.

Our representatives treat consumers like human beings, and make an effort to develop a friendly rapport.

Debt Collection does not need to be a painful process for consumers. Debt collectors in the post-CFPB era must take personal responsibility for consumer’s experience and provide a hassle-free collection process. Telephone representatives should be friendly, gentle, and compliant with all regulation.