Podshare is a really bad idea

Hey what’s up Sterling! Thanks for staying at PodShare May 1–5.

My first impression of you was clumsily moving a cell charging station and cracking my roommate’s iphone 6 screen — then NOT apologizing to her and now calling me a dick because I told you that wasn’t cool to your face. I am looking at it right now actually, and she will have to pay $100 to get that fixed thanks to you.

So across from you slept Cristian who you joked with about our security measures — real mature. Once again, I chimed in to ask if you really wanted to know why we ask people not to tent their pods …you said yes and I openly told you. I have always spoken to your face, and otherwise have smiled and been courteous to you in the kitchen as you excitedly played with your new coffee toy.

In fact, “Talk about community.” is ironic for you to write, considering you took an extra blanket and covered up your ten on all corners — defeating the whole purpose of co-living!

I don’t believe anyone was having sex — talk about “blatant lie.” I slept a few feet away from you and can attest that no one had sex near or around you on the days you were there. I am sure I can also ask the surrounding folks, as we’re all pretty close here.

Cute spider, did you happen to photograph our lush backyard that you spent lots of time enjoying the sun in? Maybe it came from there, as its one of the most natural grassy knolls on this side of LA.

So yeah we have 4.5 stars out of 5 dozen reviews. When I made the video a couple of years ago, we had 5/5. Check the cache.

Lights out policies exclude a large TV room with a door and conference room that you are welcome to hang out in, as well as thousands of square feet of yard. But sure, by your recommendation we would keep the lights on at all hours and never ask people to be quiet.

Anyway, if you have a problem with me or what video I produced or what I’ve built then you can call me or visit me back at the PodShare where I live. There’s not need to lie on a blog to try to make yourself feel like a bigger man. In fact, I think Medium is meant to be more of a thought-provoking platform than a “dear diary” complaint forum.

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