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Hi Ivette,

Thanks for the invitation to join your publication. I look forward to submitting to it in the near future.

Take care.

Thank you for selecting my poem, Garden Joy for publication in Be Open.

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One of the highlights of my life is bird watching. Since my favorite color is blue, I thought I’d share with you some of the birds with a predominance of the color blue in the prose poetry below.


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Though the seasons of our lives change, the Creator is always trustworthy!


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The poetic prose written below, reflects the artistic creation that is demonstrated in four areas of interest in my life. These include the verbal, musical, written, and visual art forms. Thinking about how these art forms connect with nature brings peace and wonder to me.

At river’s edge

under the weeping willow

a song takes shape in my mind.

Its melody blends with the river’s gentle rippling

songbirds join in its composition.

Cloud scenes drift in sync across the azure sky,

cool breezes fan my skin,

fragrant wild flowers infuse my thoughts,

nature’s music connects with mine.


Image by Naturelady from Pixabay

Come along with me in your imagination today, as I take flight!

If I were a bird, I would soar beyond the trees, view life from above the clouds…fly over mountain peaks and vast oceans.

What bird would I be?

Not an eagle, though he’s powerful and graceful, nor a bird of paradise whose colors are beyond compare.

I would be a songbird.

I sing on my way, as I soar over hills, valleys, forests and lakes,

Enjoying the colors of the rainbow cascading around me as it matches the melody of my notes.

Seeing all that’s wonderful, and some…

Elvy Rolle

Nature Lover, Inspirational Writer & Amateur Singer | Writing Story Poems is My Passion | Children’s Picture Book Author:

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