Self-love is about more than bubble baths. Self-love is about the way you view yourself, speak to yourself, treat yourself, and the dreams you have for your life. Here are 15 truths about self-love we all need to remember.

1. You are inherently enough.

2. Comparison is a waste of energy.

Setting goals and intentions is an amazing way to ensure you live a passionate and purpose-fueled life. However, there is something crucial you need to understand about goals before setting them.

1. Create a vision for your life.

2. Meditate daily.

According to the ancient Advaita philosophy, the morning has a special energetic quality to it — it is still, peaceful and enlightened in nature. This makes it the perfect time for meditation, intention setting and connecting with your soul.

1. Consciously choose your first thought of the day.

Many of us float through life without asking ourselves the most important questions — What matters to us? What do we want to do with our one precious life? Here are 10 ways to change your life today and live with more intention and purpose.

Elyse Santilli

Life Coach and manifestation teacher // Own your worth, get into alignment, manifest your calling and wildest dreams //

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