Elysian CBDO KJ Magill Joins Leios Project

Shortly after the completion of the Token Generation Event, our CBDO KJ Magill is stepping down to assume the role of CEO at Leios, an upcoming blockchain-based remittance project. KJ has been a useful part of the Elysian project in his time with us and we believe he will do great things with the Leios project. KJ will still be acting as an advisor for the Elysian team and perhaps in the near future there will be a chance for both Elysian and Leios to collaborate.

We have agreed to part ways with KJ because it was in the best interest of both projects. KJ will be working with Leios to develop their project in the future. Our project continues to move forward after our TGE and during the beginning of our time on exchanges. We believe that this move will strengthen our project because we feel that each employee should be the perfect fit at each position and right now we are very close to accomplishing that. This will guarantee that all departments are functioning at a level that is as optimal as possible to maximize efficiency. We understand that the business process will have its times where changes must be made to ensure that the future of the company is as bright as possible in our quest to become one of the top Ecommerce platforms both on and off-chain.

We would like to wish KJ the best of luck with his new project, and as mentioned before he will continue to be on the Elysian team as an advisor. We are excited for what the future holds for both Elysian and Leios. We want to thank KJ for his time with the Elysian project, and we will continue forward as planned with all stages of the project to meet our roadmap milestones.