Elysian Employee Spotlight: CFO Jesse Brandenburg

Jesse Brandenburg is a graduate of Rutgers University with a B.A. in Economics. He is an early investor and cryptocurrency advocate with experience in managing an IT business and advising entrepreneurs. Jesse holds the position of CFO for Elysian — a responsibility that should not be taken lightly in a startup environment. Many start-ups (especially in the ICO space) have trouble managing the money invested. Proper asset management is key to the health and longevity of the business. Due the fashion in which companies procure investments in the ICO space vast amounts of investments come from micro-investors. These investors have easy access to investing in products associated with a particular use or purpose on a company’s platform all while doubling as a crowdfunding method, enabling the company to build out their business idea or software platform without the need for venture capitalists and parting with company equity. Unfortunately these types of investments come with a lack of oversight or accountability for the funds raised. A qualified and trusted CFO is the keeper of these assets, ensuring that proper decisions are made and funds are allocated appropriately in a way that furthers the companies’ goals and ensures continued success on behalf of the organization.

Give us a brief background of what professional experience you bring to the table (don’t be modest)

I spent three years as general manager of an IT business in my native state of New Jersey, six years as an advisor for a private golf club that is in the top 100 in the United States (Galloway National), and privately advised entrepreneurs from that club throughout that time.

Where were you when you first heard about Bitcoin?

I first heard about bitcoin in 2014 when I was working in Galloway, NJ but I knew absolutely nothing about it. I then decided to dive into it deeper to comprehend various aspects of it and its practicality, and eventually became fascinated.

What is the most impressive blockchain product you’ve seen so far (besides Elysian).

The most impressive project that I’ve seen so far in the blockchain space is Walton. I think that the implementation of RFID technology into our daily lives can vastly improve traceability and organization, primarily regarding aspects such as inventory management, asset tracking, and theft protection.

How did you get involved with Elysian?

I had heard about Elysian through a current team member, who introduced me to Leo after doing his due diligence on my background and education. I spoke a few times with Leo and we got along right away and I understood his vision from the start and I became interested in helping the project evolve.

How is Elysian Different?

Elysian offers a very unique project in a niche that is relatively nonexistent to this point. There are very few projects that connect Ecommerce with cryptocurrency, none of which that do it in an innovative manner and implement technological advancements and atomic swaps. The Elysian platform will solve vital issues in Ecommerce, most notably security and user experience, and will act as an intermediary between businesses and consumers, ultimately developing a greater level of trust between both parties due to the upgraded security. The project is capable of experiencing rapid growth because it has first mover’s advantage in a market that has an extraordinarily high user base.

Where do you see Elysian in 10 years from now?

In 10 years from now I see Elysian with control of at least 3% of the total Ecommerce market share. We have developed a strategy that emphasizes long-term growth and promotes engagement with the community. Conversely, many projects in the cryptocurrency market are focused on short-term money raising through ICOs and virtually disregard their communities and long-term vision, hence why cryptocurrency still has a somewhat speculative reputation. It is our duty to improve trust and credibility in this industry.