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Team Elysian
Apr 28, 2018 · 3 min read
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The Elysian Membership Program is a fantastic way to get involved in the Elysian community. The three-tiered reward program incentivizes members of the blockchain community to contribute to the Elysian vision. Users will have the ability to receive customized rewards. Elysian emphasizes community engagement and growth, which is something the cryptocurrency market lacks. Many projects in the space are solely concerned with raising money and their tokens are strictly speculative investments; this is a detrimental way to operate.

Community engagement is an integral part of success for companies in any industry. Elysian allows participants to communicate directly with the team in various ways in the Membership Program:

  • Access to the VIP Telegram Group
  • Paid access to the annual Elysian Summit
  • Access to the quarterly online meeting

Through these methods, Elysian strives to build a sense of community that is scarcely evident in the current industry. Contributors are arguably the most important aspect of a blockchain project’s success. It is unreasonable to disregard this aspect and still expect to receive optimal support for company growth. Elysian combines this with their forum to not only provide community members with direct contact, but also ways to earn rewards by providing feedback on how to improve the project in its quest to be one of the most successful coins of 2018.

The Membership Program is broken down into three tiers:

  • Gold
  1. 30,000 ELY required
  2. Elysian Merchandise Package
  3. Access to the VIP Telegram Group
  • Platinum
  1. 300,000 ELY required
  2. Elysian Merchandise Package
  3. Access to the VIP Telegram Group
  4. Paid access to the annual Elysian Summit
  • Diamond
  1. 3,000,000 ELY required
  2. Elysian Merchandise Package
  3. Access to the VIP Telegram Group
  4. Paid access to the annual Elysian Summit
  5. First-Class airfare to the annual Elysian Summit
  6. Access to the quarterly online team meeting

The Elysian Membership Program differs from many other membership programs because the rewards are specifically designed to be unique and are unable to be bought by fiat currency. The element of exclusivity of aspects such as invitation to the annual summit appeals to community members since these are infrequent, intangible rewards. Members will feel comfortable with their integration into the community due to the availability of the team to be directly linked to its core supporters.

The program is a useful technique to incentivize contributors to hold ELY tokens and prevent market manipulation. This is a recipe for an active community and successful project. The primary objective of the Membership Program is to build the strongest community in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Consequently, Elysian is poised to become an industry leader and provide a community growth model for future projects to emulate.

Direct interaction between the team and community builds a vital level of trust that is somewhat nonexistent in the space at this point. This is partially the reason that some outsiders are still skeptical of blockchain-related projects. This is one of the first large steps necessary to improve the overall trust level that is important in order for mass market adoption to occur for blockchain technology.

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1. The merchandise package contains several items with Elysian branding and will be shipped at the end of July.
2. The Telegram VIP group is only accessible for gold, platinum and diamond rank investors who invested during the TGE.
3. Access to the annual Elysian summit will include a 5-star experience at our yearly event.
4. The following countries are restricted from participating in our membership program: United States, China, Canada, Iran, North Korea.
5. The required amount of Elycoins will vary with each of our TGE-stages.
6. Elysian reserves the right to change or cancel the promotion at any time if deemed necessary due to irresponsible behavior from participants or Force Majeure.

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