Elysian Moon Program

The Elysian Moon Program is designed to do exactly what it sounds like, take our project and other projects and accelerate the growth process. The Moon Program is part of the Elysian forum, whose purpose is to generate community engagement and critical thought from the community to introduce ideas that could possibly improve the Elysian project in the near future.

Additionally, the program incentivizes other blockchain projects to integrate themselves into the forum for a possible collaboration. This type of publicity helps the public become familiar with strong projects that may have been out of the spotlight beforehand. The campaign for specific projects may eventually receive funding through a voting process which is organized by the Elysian team and its community members. Community members must be registered on the platform and abide by our responsible behavior policies in order to guarantee that all voting actions and campaign results are as legitimate as possible.


A certain number of campaigns will be introduced on a weekly basis on the forum to be voted on by the community. Each campaign will have the ability to earn some sort of funding, whether it be a collaboration with another project or integration of Elysian into various vital aspects of advertising such as television commercials, billboard placement, logos on airplanes, and more. All eligible community members will be capped at 1 vote per individual to decide the outcome. The campaign will need a minimum of 51% of positive votes to be eligible for a specific amount of funding. Then, the campaign will need to pass a series of credibility tests to verify that all company and community member contributions are going into a worthy source. Once all requirements are analyzed and passed, the successful campaign is eligible to receive contributions.

Token Utility

The Elysian token serves as the method of contribution in the program and on the forum to fund successful campaigns. Tokens can be contributed by the Elysian team or by community members that wish to support either the project or other projects on the forum. Tokens that are used on the forum are extracted from the Growth Pool allocation, which has a total allocation of 350 million tokens. This number is 35% of the total maximum token supply.

The token serves as a utility in its purest form in terms of rewarding community members. Elysian supporters will be rewarded for their contributions to the forum. Each task completed will allow users to receive a small reward, as long as the task meets eligibility requirements and is performed responsibly with respect to the entire Elysian community.

The integration of the token into the forum ecosystem provides increased incentive for active community engagement. This is an extremely important factor that is disregarded by several projects in the blockchain industry. All too often projects develop sub-par reputations because of their concern strictly for raising money instead of focusing on product development and community building.

This is also one of the reasons that outsiders looking in to the space are relatively skeptical. The blockchain industry is quite different than any other type of conventional industry or market, and this is partially due to the fact that there is a lack of trust. One of the first steps in building trust is to improve relations between the team and its supporters, making it a priority to develop a point of direct contact fairly often. By accomplishing this, contributors to blockchain projects don’t have to feel as if they’re unimportant to the team that they are so closely supporting. At Elysian we believe that if many more projects follow a similar model to what we are creating, the industry will take a massive step in the right direction in terms of building trust and credibility.

The Moon Program is a practical solution to the community engagement issue, and it also allows members to directly participate in decision-making through the voting process. Consequently, the community feels closer to the team and understands that the team actually values their input. After all, in the blockchain industry, many companies would not exist without their investor supporters. These people comprise a large percentage of money flow into the company, especially if the company fails to receive any equity deals from venture capitalist firms or angel investors.

The forum is a useful way for Elysian to gain awareness to other companies and marketing ideas as well. Initial introduction occasionally blossoms into a strong partnership. In addition, sample size statistics prove that more productive ideas arise the larger the group is. A massively-sized, strong community that is willing to engage goes a long way in the steady growth of a project, and this is what many companies fail to realize. For Elysian, we understand this and prioritize it. This is a portion of our blueprint to success in a year that is likely to experience the most rapid growth in the short history of blockchain technology.

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