Elysian Partners with Jury.Online

Team Elysian
Jun 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Following the recent announcement of the beginning of Elysian’s Token Generation Event, the project has reached a mutual agreement with the secure escrow service platform, Jury.Online. Participants will have the ability to purchase ELY tokens on the Jury.Online platform during the course of the Token Generation Event. The collaboration adds strength to an already impressive list of partners for Elysian.

Elysian is a decentralized Ecommerce platform that serves as an intermediary between Ecommerce merchants and their targeted demographic of consumers. Merchants will build customizable stores on the platform and will have the ability to use new, innovative functions that are currently unavailable with its off-chain competitors, such as Shopify.

This revolutionary project appeals to both the blockchain and Ecommerce industry, by improving two vital aspects of Ecommerce that are currently vulnerable, security and user experience. Elysian uses Ethereum’s private sidechain for its Proof-of-Authority consensus to distribute data across a private network to prevent a single access point for malicious actors. In addition, each node needs approval from the currently existing set of nodes, and Elysian has full control over which nodes seal blocks.

The improvement of user experience is also evident through the implementation of technological advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. The integration of artificial intelligence drastically improves website navigation efficiency through the use of a virtual assistant, similar to mainstream examples of Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, to gather information from users to provide specific sets of products that would most likely appeal to consumers, and then directs them to certain areas of the website to perform tasks. In addition, the use of virtual reality significantly improves user engagement through the use of enhanced graphics and encourages individualism and creativity by allowing each user to create its own unique virtual world. This will lower bounce rates by a sizable percentage, which will generally result in higher revenue. As technology continues to become more complex, it is vital for projects entering the market now, or in the very near future, to adapt to the technological transformations in Ecommerce to guarantee expansion.

Jury.Online is an decentralized escrow service platform that provides secure investments into blockchain-based projects through the use of arbiters if controversies were to arise between the investors and the business. The platform serves as an online arbiter to promote responsible behavior during transactions between investors and business so that the entire process runs smoothly, and also provides security for investors in the sense that they can open a case and have money returned to them if any part of the investment process is unjust towards the investor. The platform is lucrative for token sale participants that want to be absolutely positive that the project they are investing in is fully transparent and plans to achieve all of its roadmap milestones on time.

The partnership is beneficial for both parties because it allows token sale participants to have security during the contribution process and the ability to use arbiters if necessary. In addition, Jury.Online’s innovative approach to token sale participation targets a niche of the market that has not been penetrated yet to this point, giving them first mover’s advantage. They will also add Elysian to a previously existing impressive client list. We can expect that this partnership will allow both projects to grow significantly and have a successful 2018.

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Elysian will create a decentralized Ecommerce platform with innovative security and revolutionary user experience.

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