Elysian Partners with Lamden

The up-and-coming innovative Ecommerce blockchain project Elysian has recently partnered with Lamden, a unique blockchain platform for developers to create blockchains and applications on. Elysian and Lamden both are intriguing projects which are building a strong, loyal community as they strive to achieve all milestones in the roadmap. The primary aspect of the partnership is to use Elysian on Lamden’s Clove Protocol, which provides cross-chain atomic swaps. The Clove Protocol is in its initial stages.

Elysian is a decentralized Ecommerce platform to build websites on the blockchain for Ecommerce businesses. The platform will focus on transforming two of the most important aspects in Ecommerce that currently need drastic improvement, security and user experience. Elysian is the first platform to integrate blockchain into its ecosystem to solve these two specific issues, giving it first mover’s advantage in two industries (Ecommerce and blockchain) with very large market sizes.

The platform provides a practical solution to the issues that off-chain platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, and Magento face, including vulnerable data and mediocre user engagement in terms of graphics and simpler website navigation. Despite the fact that these platforms are successful, the areas which need improvement have not been targeted yet by the blockchain industry. For these reasons, Elysian is very capable of becoming an industry leader if they can successfully achieve what they describe in their Whitepaper and Roadmap.

Lamden offers a different yet equally effective vision to the blockchain industry. Lamden is an innovative new blockchain platform, primarily for developers, designed to create custom and new blockchains and applications for the blockchain industry. The Lamden token, TAU, is the driving force in the platform and the ecosystem by connecting various blockchain projects and producing cross-chain atomic swap functions with multiple cryptocurrencies. In addition, Lamden offers several lucrative options for businesses and developers:

  • Saffron — A blockchain-generating tool used to create and deploy private chains by using custom templates.
  • Clove — An application to simplify the atomic swap process between cryptocurrencies. Many chains are compatible with the Clove protocol. This function also enables decentralized payment channel swaps between compatible blockchains.
  • Flora — Manages smart contract packages for smart contract blockchains, used primarily for sharing code and speeding up the completion of development tasks.

Both Elysian and Lamden are poised to achieve rapid growth in 2018, with full focus on product development and team expansion, as the blockchain industry continues to flourish. More importantly, both projects have the capability to become industry leaders because of each respective niche that they target. Elysian is the first blockchain platform to feature upgraded security and user experience, while allowing Ecommerce businesses to build customized websites on their platform and giving each targeted demographic the ability to use whichever token they desire to facilitate transactions on the platform. Similarly, Lamden also is the first platform to provide cross-chain atomic swaps and allow developers to build brand new blockchains and applications. The Saffron, Clove, and Flora protocols are integral parts of the Lamden vision and ecosystem, and are essentially the blueprint to the project’s success.

The blockchain community has every reason to be ecstatic about this partnership, as it opens up a gateway to expand each project in a manner that can be extremely useful. Consequently, we expect both Elysian and Lamden to assert their dominance in 2018 in an industry that currently needs certain projects to do just that. This is just one of many steps on the path to substantial company growth, which can convince many oblivious blockchain skeptics and help mass adoption occur.