Elysian Project Update — December 2018

Team Elysian
Dec 6, 2018 · 4 min read

Moving forward into 2019, the Elysian team and its community have many different things to be excited about. This year, up to this point, was the foundation for a strong future, and included important milestones in the existence of the project such as the token sale, various campaigns, and initial development on several different aspects of the project.

Recently the team has just completed full distribution of airdrop tokens, and is now working to fully complete and distribute all bounty tokens, followed by gleam giveaway winners. These campaigns were helpful in the growth of Elysian and shortly we will have distributed all tokens and prizes. We wish to thank all of those who participated honestly, and for their patience throughout the process.

In December, and on into 2019, the biggest focus of Elysian is development. As many of you know, the CryptoVerse platform is very close to its completion, awaiting a few more additions of specific functions that influence user experience (UX). Projects will also have the ability to list themselves under the Add ICO section, which will be described in full in one of our articles in the near future. CryptoVerse is a vital part of our ecosystem because it allows communities to come together into one large community which is very powerful, while at the same time preaching transparency and helping to clean up the industry. Also, there will be real-time updates in prices, volume, and more on the landing page for your favorite tokens, exchanges, and blockchain projects.

In addition to CryptoVerse, the team has also simultaneously been working on the development of the mobile and desktop wallets. The wallets are one of the most important parts of our ecosystem because they will connect users and merchants to the platform in a simple, convenient way. Users will have the ability to hold or transfer a variety of top cryptocurrency tokens to and from the platform to purchase goods in Ecommerce stores on the Elysian platform, all while needing to create only one account in order to access all stores on the platform, which prevents the hassle of having to create thousands of accounts and keeping track of your login information for each account.

We are aiming for a simple UI/UX for the wallets to make them usable for all types of people, from beginners to experts. Simplicity, combined with a variety of useful functions, is the perfect combination for a highly effective multi-currency wallet. Users can easily track their portfolio, transfer tokens, and also keep track of details such as items purchased and tracking shipping information. The latter two functions will be available further along in the development timeline to coincide with the release of the Ecommerce platform.

Lastly, the team is also focusing on initial development for the Ecommerce platform itself. This is clearly the most important piece of the puzzle. This process will take longer than CryptoVerse and the wallets, and will not be released until Q3 2019, but it is important that all aspects are as perfect as possible before releasing to the public. The Ecommerce platform will be home to several thousand Ecommerce businesses, creating the strongest blockchain-based Ecommerce ecosystem to date.

One of the biggest objectives throughout this process is to bridge the gap between the blockchain and Ecommerce industries to bring more mainstream adoption for blockchain in the massive Ecommerce industry, which had a revenue of over $2.3 Trillion USD in 2017. This number will only increase over the next couple years, and we believe that integrating this industry into the realm of blockchain is extremely important and it is something that has not been done to a large degree yet, and is not a focus of many one-dimensional blockchain projects.

Though we do not know the direction the market is heading in, we all can agree that we believe in blockchain technology and its ability to change the world for the better. We at Elysian believe that we are an important part of this real-world adoption at a large scale and we are determined to do our part. We encourage those that are reading this to join our community through some of the links provided below. We are on the verge of ground-breaking innovation. But, it is not just the Elysian team that can make an impact. You can also make a difference. Your voice will be heard through CryptoVerse and Elysian, where we value community growth and input. All of these factors combined are what it takes to change the world. Join us on this incredible journey!

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Elysian will create a decentralized Ecommerce platform with innovative security and revolutionary user experience.

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