Elysian Token Listed Inside Eidoo Wallet

Team Elysian
Dec 20, 2018 · 3 min read

The Elysian token, ELY, has recently been added inside the Eidoo app and wallet. Eidoo is a Swiss blockchain company focused on improving asset management and investment through the use of a multi-currency wallet and versatile app. The company has been very successful up to this point so far, with a large, respectable client list and a token that trades on some of the largest exchanges in the industry, including Binance. Eidoo has only been in existence since 2017 but has built a strong reputation in the blockchain industry and is asserting their dominance as one of the best projects in the industry.

Elysian is now one of the projects on their supported token list, and is available for storage inside the Eidoo wallet. The Elysian team is excited to join some of the top blockchain projects inside the Eidoo wallet and app, and we feel that this is an important step in our journey to create widespread use and exposure to our native token, ELY.

An often overlooked aspect of blockchain projects is the use of the token that is tied to that specific project. Tokens are meant to be a representation of a project and to be used in a way that ties together token holders and users to the ecosystem. Detailed analysis of the blockchain industry points to a lack of effective token utility in general. There are many projects whose token has no direct influence on the project itself — the token is just used as a form of speculative investment for trading purposes. This is a problem that must be solved for all projects in the industry in order to improve its reputation.

Elysian understands the importance of this and has prioritized this factor in its ecosystem. In addition to the use of ELY in merchants’ stores on the Ecommerce platform, the token should be compatible with lots of different multi-currency wallets for asset storage and transfer, portfolio tracking, and other functions inside the ecosystem that require the integration of the native token. We are formulating a strategy that will result in mass use of ELY for various purposes, covering several industries but focusing primarily on Ecommerce, which is thriving and will continue to for the next several years.

Each step taken is useful for the growth of the project, and the integration into the Eidoo ecosystem is no exception. Elysian has had its token integrated into several wallets since the completion of the token sale, including some of the most reputable in the industry. Though we are still at the ground floor of what we consider to be Elysian’s master plan, the initial steps that have been taken give investors and community members lots of hope for a lucrative future that involves an efficiently functioning hybrid ecosystem, combining blockchain and Ecommerce and allowing many different demographics of consumers to both transact with and hold the Elysian token. The ability to tie together the token with the platform is very powerful when we mention the gigantic user bases in Ecommerce and how these users can migrate to the Elysian platform.

Elysian is generating momentum heading into what will be the most important year of our existence in 2019. The team is excited for what is around the corner and we are looking forward to delivering a revolutionary product to give our community, merchants, and online shoppers a reason to be excited and to get involved with the project.

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Elysian will create a decentralized Ecommerce platform with innovative security and revolutionary user experience.

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