Integrating Ecommerce into the Blockchain Industry

Team Elysian
Nov 21, 2018 · 3 min read

There is no argument against the fact that Ecommerce is absolutely booming at the moment. Following up on a yearly revenue of over $2.3 Trillion USD in 2017, these numbers are projected to grow over $4 Trillion USD annually by 2020. Given the fact that humans are so immersed in technology, such as their phones or computers, consumers will always flock to businesses that provide convenient commerce through the use of technology to avoid the hassle of always visiting a brick and mortar store.

Despite these facts, there is very little Ecommerce presence in the blockchain industry currently. We know that the cryptocurrency market is in a fragile position right now. The market is in need of an integration of a much larger, successful industry to help grow popularity and increase revenue. Ecommerce is the answer. While almost all cryptocurrency tokens are simply a reflection of a project and a speculative investment with very little backing it, this pattern does not have to continue. Imagine, instead of just trading tokens on exchanges or holding them, if you can transfer a wide variety of tokens in your portfolio to a platform that houses tens of thousands of Ecommerce stores, and then to use those tokens to purchase goods and services within any store in the ecosystem. This is the rejuvenation that the blockchain industry needs.

The forthcoming Elysian platform, around Q3 2019, will create a large ecosystem of Ecommerce businesses, all of which are connected to one platform and one wallet. Consumers will be able to hold their tokens within the Elysian wallet, and then transfer them to the Elysian platform to purchase items from any store that is built on the Elysian platform. Furthermore, there will only be one account needed to access all of these Ecommerce stores within the ecosystem. This will avoid the hassle of having to create possibly hundreds of different accounts for each individual store.

This platform will create the first legitimate gateway between mainstream Ecommerce and the blockchain industry, through the use of blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, and virtual reality. The result will be an enhanced platform which users can easily navigate across to transact whenever they desire. Users will also have the ability to view items in a vivid 3D manner using the technology provided by our partners, Cappasity.

We expect this transition to drastically improve the blockchain industry by creating a larger user base and helping more beginners both understand and use blockchain technology and transacting with cashless currencies such as tokens. The high fees and low speeds of fiat currency are slowly becoming antiquated. In addition, the implementation of atomic swaps allows consumers to swap to whichever currency they desire to make purchases. All of these factors contribute to the simplicity and efficiency of the Elysian platform, which will make consumers feel comfortable.

The Elysian team is focusing on a variety of tasks right now that specifically include:

  • Development of Mobile and Desktop Wallet
  • Release of CryptoVerse Platform to Public
  • Initial Development for the Elysian Platform

These tasks are most important for the growth of the project at this point and we are on pace to complete all tasks either at or before the timelines detailed in the roadmap. We encourage both Elysian and CryptoVerse community members to join our social media platforms listed below and to actively engage in the community as we grow. From this point on, we are excited for the rest of 2018 and expect 2019 to be our most productive year yet. Join us on the journey as we look to change the future of both the Ecommerce industry and blockchain industry!

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Elysian will create a decentralized Ecommerce platform with innovative security and revolutionary user experience.

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