Jeremy Khoo Joins Elysian as Advisor

The CEO of iFashion Group, Jeremy Khoo, has joined team Elysian as an advisor to assist the project in helping to penetrate the Asian market using his Ecommerce experience. Jeremy has successfully exited 3 venture funded companies and has spent several years in the Ecommerce industry.

As we know, Elysian is a hybrid of blockchain and Ecommerce. The project has the potential to appeal to a massive user base in a market that is in need of a transformation as technology is becoming more and more powerful. Jeremy Khoo is an important addition to an already strong team of Ecommerce experts. Jeremy has helped several blockchain projects raise over 100m in token sales and is responsible for the growth of various projects himself, including ifashion group, MegaX, Novum Capital, and Enblockr.

The connection to Ecommerce is what helps Elysian stand out among the massive field of blockchain projects in 2018. Most projects’ market reach is simply the blockchain space and nothing more. Not only does Elysian connect the blockchain industry with an incredibly large Ecommerce market, but it also gives other blockchain projects the opportunity to collaborate with Elysian to allow their project to transcend the boundaries of the blockchain space to become integrated with Ecommerce as well. This is very lucrative for a majority of projects in this industry.

Jeremy Khoo, along with his team at iFashion Group, will be integral to the growth of Elysian in the Ecommerce industry because of his connections and experience. Jeremy himself has already had several successful exits, and his company iFashion Group has been funded by venture capitalists. Jeremy also has extensive blockchain experience in terms of advising and being a part of 8 projects that have collectively executed successful campaigns. We can expect that this experience will serve as a vital gateway to rapid growth as Elysian continues on its quest to become industry leaders.

It is important to bring aboard team members that are experienced in the field of which you operate. In this case, having access to Asian Ecommerce markets is a key factor in expanding Elysian in several aspects:

  • Targeted Demographic of Consumers
  • Targeted Markets
  • Partnerships with Ecommerce Businesses in Asia
  • Recruiting Merchants to Launch Stores on the Elysian Platform
  • Off-Chain Expansion

Elysian will work together with Jeremy to integrate iFashion Group’s experience and technology into the Elysian platform. Currently the Ecommerce niche is still small in the blockchain industry. It is extremely important to capitalize on this before we see a massive influx of Ecommerce-based projects, which is inevitable. Since Elysian is in at the ground floor, its position, combined with the experience and strong community, will help to ensure that the project thrives.

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