Project Update : Elysian Mobile Wallet Update Statement to be Released in January

Team Elysian
Dec 19, 2018 · 3 min read

With the calendar year 2018 coming to a close, it has been a successful year for Elysian. Starting with the token sale, which was one of the few successful campaigns during the bear market, and beyond, including a listing of our native token, ELY, on over 10 exchanges, and the integration of our token into various multi-currency wallets, which is very useful in increasing use and exposure.

Moving forward, the project has been working on developing two important parts of its ecosystem. First, the listing platform CryptoVerse, which focuses on improving transparency in the blockchain industry. CryptoVerse offers a unique approach to integrating communities into different, new networks and giving each community an important voice when analyzing blockchain projects, advisors, exchanges, and more. This platform is nearing its completion and will have its full public launch at the turn of the calendar year.

In addition to the CryptoVerse platform, Elysian is developing both its desktop and mobile wallet. The wallets play a vital role in the Elysian ecosystem because of their connection to the Ecommerce platform and the ability to hold and transfer assets. These unique wallets will be the gateway between users and the platforms associated with Elysian, both the Ecommerce platform and CryptoVerse. We will offer various features, such as:

  • Asset Storage
  • Asset Transfer
  • Portfolio Tracking
  • Shipment Tracking for Purchased Goods
  • Item History Viewing
  • Connection to MetaMask
  • The Ability to Hold Many Different Tokens Inside the Wallet
  • Fast Asset Transfer Speeds

The wallets are currently being developed, and the team is pleased with the progress up to this point, and there will be some aspects to show the public shortly. The development itself will be complete during early Q1 2019, at which point we will need to test for various vulnerabilities to ensure that it is completely ready to be released to the public for personal use. We are also working on an extra function that we believe the public will be very excited about, which has dragged the development completion into early Q1 2019 instead of late December, however this was an easy decision for the team and we are excited for our community and the rest of the blockchain space to see our product. We will deliver a public statement regarding the progress and completion of the mobile wallet in early January, at which point we will also be close to having some details of the wallet to show the public.

The Elysian team would like to thank our community for their continued support and patience as we deliver different aspects of our product. Please follow our social media channels and we will continue to give project updates. We anticipate a great 2019 ahead, and that starts with the release of CryptoVerse and the wallets.

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Elysian will create a decentralized Ecommerce platform with innovative security and revolutionary user experience.

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