Get Paid to Learn How to Become a Better Writer
Ayodeji Awosika

I love the fact that you’re a “never say die” type — second time you’ve posted the same article and you’ve even improved some of the copy a little. That’s “proof in the pudding” methinks 😉.

I think the missing part in this — even though it’s an unpopular opinion — is that self publishing is an outlier’s game. The likes of Steve and Joanna are literal 1 in a million. Not many self publishing people can boast that level of success — even with great content and marketing.

But regardless though, with the right attitude the self publishing route teaches invaluable lessons in business and life. Managing content, creatives, marketing, sales, marketplaces, tax, etc. All great skills. And getting up to do a second or 15th book after all that punishment — that equals character.

So few will follow your model and succeed but for those few who do-great success awaits them.

All the best 😁

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