Beyond Belief: A 5-item Checklist for Ex-Muslim Asylum Seekers

If you are an Ex-Muslim who have fled an Islamic country after facing threats or violence for leaving the Islamic faith and are planning to seek asylum in a safer country, here is a short checklist to help you keep moving:

Must Have:

  1. A verified contact from authentic organisation such as UNHRC who specialises in supporting asylum seekers and emergency number of your local police (in the country of seeking asylum and origin if they previously dealt with your case). Vulnerable asylum seekers may be at risk of human trafficking or being sought out by Islamist extremist groups for ransom. Make sure you have established contact with individuals who can be held to account if you go missing.
  2. Essential documents: Your passports, travel document, birth certificate, drivers license etc. Do not leave any proof of ID to your abuser that can be used against you by Islamist groups or supporters to arrest you through obtaining warrant against you or reporting you missing at local police.
  3. Your medical documents and prescription. If you have a physical condition or a disability, make sure you have your medical documents and prescription that can help you along the way to get help in a foreign land.
  4. Supporting evidence for asylum application: Retain ALL evidence of any threats or physical injury you have endured as a result of leaving the Islamic faith or challenging Islamist extremism. These evidence can be photographs, audio recordings, or whatsapp messages. If you are at risk of having your smartphone or laptop taken from you, create a private Gmail address and store backup of all the evidence on a Cloud Storage. If you have a lawyer approved by reputable organisations such as the UNHRC or one within the jurisdiction of European Union, send them all evidence.
  5. Financial support during personal crisis: Among many Ex-Muslims, it is common to have financial difficulty after leaving Islam as a consequence of being ostracised by their family or community. If you are an Ex-Muslim and think that you might become homeless or don’t have a job, make sure you have sufficient savings to pay for your survival needs, such as food, essential medicines, clothing to keep you warm. Before you seek asylum, make sure you have found out charities helping refugees and asylum seekers that can help you go through tough times.

We will continue to keep publishing more tailored guidance to support Ex-Muslims seeking asylum. In the meantime, if you have any urgent question, you can write us anonymously at Please do not include any personal information. Any personal information you share with us will be deleted and our response to you will be published anonymously to protect your identity.

If you have any idea on how we can better improve this blog post and would want us to add to this blog post, you can directly contribution suggestions in the publicly editable version of the blog here. All contributions are subject to review.

Empower Muslims and Ex-Muslims

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Leaving Islam is punishable by death in 13 countries. We are an initiative to help Ex-Muslims & Muslims fight back Islamist extremism & anti-Muslim hate speech.

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