CNA: Strange News

Florida Man Charged With DUI in His Motorized Wheelchair

A man was arrested and charged with a DUI while riding a motorized wheelchair. He was obscuring multiple lanes on a bridge with his personal “vehicle”. When he refused a sobriety test, yet smelled of alcohol, police took him into custody.

Priests Hit by Paintballs Outside Pittsburgh Orthodox Church

Two priests, friends of Rev. Patrick Carpenter of Holy Assumption of St. Mary Russian Orthodox Church were shot with paintballs in front of the church. Neither priests were seriously hurt, merely surprised by the strange attack. Furthermore, it is believed they were not targeted due to their profession, since both men were in casual attire.

Police: Burglary suspect found covered in cake, frosting

Reports of an intruder being found in a Michigan resident’s home were sent to police. A woman was found in the home, having broken some of the homeowner’s belongings and knocked over a tray of cupcakes. Police later found and arrested the woman, seemingly drunk and covered in frosting, a few blocks away, charging her with breaking and entering and the destruction of personal belongings.

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