2 wet dogs

a short writing assignment to take a walk and describe our sensations

I woke up from a pizza-induced nap to red sauce on my face and an obnoxious ringtone from my friend asking me to walk his dog. I agreed, and right away, I knew it was going to be one of those walks. She sprinted towards the door, yanking me along with her as the rugged fibers of the leash dug into my skin and burned my palm.

As I opened the screeching door of Olympia Mills to walk outside, she whimpered and stopped right in the doorway. I pulled on the pink-turned-brown leash telling her to come outside but she resisted with the annoyingly cute, stubborn face of a Pit bull puppy.

The slow drizzle turned into a loud pour, and I could taste the storm that was about to come. I looked to my left and the Jimmy Johns delivery man was making frustrated faces as he tried to explain what side of the building he was on over the phone. I looked to my right to see the sidewalks plagued with dog poop, yet my dog not the least bit interested in doing her business.

A few blocks away, a train blared, sending my puppy into a frenzy as she tried to pull me back towards the building. I picked her up to try and carry her onto the grass, only for her to scratch my arms and give me a glorious wet dog smell. I started to feel the water seep through my boots, giving me arguably one of the grossest sensations — wet, mushy socks.

For being 5:30 p.m., it was eerily dark, which didn’t help the case of a skeptical, scared puppy. I walked her back through the building and she bounced around, running up to strangers to give them warm, smelly kisses as if nothing had ever happened. She came to a halt again once we got to the other door as she realized my plan, combined with the loud honking, yelling, and drunk laughter of the Olympia parking lot.

I was now wet, freezing, and red with embarrassment as my dog ignored me while people passed by. She crept around the grass until she found solace in the rocks, where she proceeded to pee for 2 minutes. Suddenly she was brave again and ready for the walk to be over. I was too.

We got back to my room and she hopped on the couch, assigning dirty paw prints to each cushion. With all 25 pounds of her cold body curled up next to me, I’d never been so happy to have smelled of wet dog as I was in that moment.