Personality Profile: Lauren Kopack

Outgoing, creative, ambitious — all words that come to mind when describing Lauren Kopack.

Kopack is a senior at the University of South Carolina, in her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. She currently works as a marketing and events coordinator for the Columbia City Ballet, and hopes to have a similar full-time career one day. Her ideal workplace would be with a nonprofit that focuses on either animal welfare or mental health awareness. In ten years, you might see her working in as an established public relations practitioner that allows her to travel and write her own book in her free time.

She draws a lot of inspiration from the poet Sylvia Plath. Kopack read a lot of her poetry in high school, and admires how freely Plath speaks of her mental illness and struggles during a time where that was very taboo. She predicts Plath’s work will continue to transcend into generations to come, which is an inspiration to writers like Kopack.

As both a free spirit and down-to-earth at the same time, Kopack is always hysterically laughing with friends whether over a pint or watching the Super Bowl.

“You are outgoing, fun and always know how to make someone laugh. Even if you do laugh at your own jokes most of the time,” Kopack says, when asked how her best friend described her.

When asked what she would do with a free weekend and unlimited amount of money, Kopack quickly says how she would go back to Dublin to visit her favorite places in the city. She relates so much to Irish culture because of the welcoming sense of joy and having a good time.

“It’s important to not take life too seriously. Have a laugh, do something spontaneous, and just enjoy the short amount of time you are given,” Kopack says with a grin.
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