Hi there!

There’s a long time I have wanting to start to writing texts about my day-by-day, like a diary. So, this day arrived and I’ll start talking about my second trip here in Europe, the country? Netherlands!

I always wanted to come visit Netherlands, maybe because I used to watch the Orange Team football games during World Cups or perhaps because Im really passionate by Dutch architecture and design.

Planning my itinerary to Amsterdam I found tickets to watch Ajax game at Amsterdam ArenA . So nothing of Red Light District (at least until now), the only red in the day was of the Ajax jersey, crowding the stadium on the 5–0 winning against Willeim II.

Anyway, before the game I spent few hours walking through the city. Im hosted in the West (and a little bit to the north) of the city in an adorable hostel called Dutchies Hostel and what I’ve seen is an amazing and organized city, which breaths cycling. Yes, every place you go, you will find a cycle lane. Besides that, the public transport is very efficient and you have a lot of options to choose: bus, train, metro and tram. I had experienced the train and the metro, maybe tomorrow I’m going to take the charming Tram and I hope to rent a bike until the end of the travel.

Anothet great aspect of Amsterdam is the people. They are pretty friendly and helpful. Doesn’t matter whatever you need, they will try to help you with a smile on their faces ☺

Well, thats all for today, it’s better to sleep now!

See you