7 Seconds From Five to ∞

Or, Cryptocurrency Is Not A Commodity It’s A Concept Redux

People who say bitcoin is a bubble are defensive in response to the larger questions cryptocurrency and blockchain technology creates around age old institutions.

Bitcoin and Ethereum can and will continue to share the same space in a co-symbiotic relationship. With bitcoin serving as something of a universal exchange currency through which peoples of different groups and organizations will interact. It is a transactional currency. And, as such can serve as the basis upon which a better functioning global market can be built. That is to say, from an analytical standpoint, by tracking the usage of Bitcoin globally; nationally; and locally we can catch inefficiencies within the matrix before they grow into uncontrollable problems. From a strictly monetary position, Bitcoin can serve as the measuring stick by which we rate the use[fullness] of all currencies. With that said, I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you understand how the currency and stock markets work and if not I intend to cover the basic concept in the next article.

The current situation creates reasonable cause for concern with so many splits and forks and such. As an outside observer with no real stake in the matter I feel comfortable in offering my opinion that instead of further fracturing the market by squabbling over brand rights a consortium be formed amongst the people to standardize the structure of how things are done and best practices. It’s unacceptable that in an industry which handles x amount of wealth that some yokel can deploy shit code that costs users their holdings without recourse for recovery. Furthermore, it is equally unacceptable that a person can launch a coin for an ephemeral project that never materializes only for investors to be told they’re s.o.l. without any option for recuperative action.

Which brings us to Ethereum.

In regards to Ethereum, the same should be said but in a slightly different way. There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s but that don’t mean to shove it up your ass. This is the technology of governments and instead people are using it to fund Phantom hot tub time machines. Earlier this year, following the inauguration with the recension of the ACA hanging overhead I was on the phone with an old friend and we lit on the subject of the defunding of planned parenthood. Simple solution. Create a service. Make friends with the organization. Create a contract that takes a percentage on transactions along with gas money. Either split the cream with or kick it all to the institution. I have to believe it’s less the people and more their lack of understanding of what they’re playing with. An entire governments take and spending could be automated if written and executed properly. If transparency in governmental spending is what we all want as well as to know that the things our governments pay for with our tax dollars are in alignment with our individual values then this is how. And, well structured corporations utilizing this technology can ensure this while saving the people who work with them a few dollars in taxes.

But, human nature.

So, future person... You’ve dug this deep. What more can I tell you that you don’t already know? A word of encouragement and a bit of advice. You are Here because You Are. That This Is is only necessary. For it means there is still time to set things right. So, what to do? What can you do? Do That. Break it all and create something better. And, make Them pay.

The battles been won.

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