Get Up.

Invest on your ideas and they will pay you back,

Focus on paybacks and that will be your setback,

Never look back unless it's for reality check,

Reality check for the brilliance of living and being,

Inspire your self and your own heard cause no man is an island,

Sieve what gets into your mind cause it's a morally compromised world,

You hold the key and the power to the universe you create,

Pull yourself from the chasis of abysmal thoughts,

And stop bawling in ignorance in the face of your misery,

Broken dreams clearly means they can be mend,

If you have failed it means you can make amends,

Wallowing in remorse and drooling over past failures is undesirable,

Wreathing in strife is undesirable sentiment,

The present is tolerable cause the whispers from tomorrow are soothing,

Love without bounderies from the deep depths of your despair,

You're your own realest darling and who cannot desert your self,

When tragedy is the only commodity that you can trade…

Get up and move along!!!