Stefano Labbia: when the truth count!

Stefano Labbia (Foto by Andrea Falcone)

Stefano Labbia is a disenchanted author. An author who puts his heart into anything he does. It does not matter the creative product that he wants to talk to, with which he wants us to be surprised: whether it’s poetry (“Gli Orari del Cuore” — Leonida Editrice — 2016; “I Giardini Incantati” — Talos Edizioni — 2017), Whether it is graphic novel (“Killer Loop’S: volume #1 — LFA Comics — 2018) Or even movies and TV series (Disappearance: The Moon — horror; Fear — fantastic — tv show; WMW — What Men Want — Dramedy — Tv Show)… It doesn’t matter the “medium”: he always succeeds in his intent. At reflect, upseting, to slamming into the face of the reader — listener — spectator, the truth. The reality. Push them up to ask a questions to them self, at unearthed, at excite. We met him and asked him: how do you do that? How can you do that? And so on. Ready to know… the truth?

EM: Stefano, thank you for giving us the opportunity of this interview! First of all … How do you “manage” yourself, working so much between all the arts? Between a while we will wait to see you … I don’t know, to sing!

Stefano Labbia: Thank you very much. Actually, I always hope to be able to thrill the viewer. That’s my primary goal: if I don’t believe in something, I don’t do it. I don’t write it. It’s happened who i’ve refuse some projects because didn’t feel it… close to my way of being, at my way of writing. I always try to be the most critical of critics, the spectator who never misses the slightest mistake. And this always makes me turn electric! Always in “tension” — i mean… in productive way and in a “good way” obviously. And this critical being with myself drives me, paradoxically, to trying, and to risk, more than anybody else, creative man / woman. It’s not a sort of egocentrism, or… haughtiness… Who really knows me, knows that i always within tiptoe in the “places of knowledge”, as I call its. In the arts. With humility. With the desire to learn, to learn every possible and existing technique. And make it mine. In my own way. At the end, be the first judge of myself, guarantees me a certain risk variable that I’m willing to take. As for singing… well… I inform you that I have an “absolute pitch”… and that, as some of my friends musicians say, I don’t have a “bad voice”! So… Never say never!

EM: We know, — someone said to us — who you are working on several things! Tell us more… please!

Stefano Labbia: Yes, of course! So … There is a project, what initially had been conceived as a sequel of “The Moon”, “Disappearance”, which took shape: I closed the script that in this case I signed on my own. With the first chapter, I was helped by Simone, a very capable Italian screenwriter. In the second script, I took more “safety” with a genre that is very “dangerous” to write. The horror (i mean as genre) is, in my opinion, exactly like the comedy: making scared and making to laugh are the most dangerous actions to accomplish! I’m looking for producers: the film takes place entirely in a forest: the American mountain range would be a wonderful scenario! Then there’s Life Goes On, a movie that I hold a lot on heart, because it’s my first screenplay. It’s the story of three people, a boy and two girls, that we follow for a lifetime. With their joys and their little plays. For the third book of poems, I’ve received many proposals: I’m to evaluating it. The first volume of Killer Loop’S, a graphic novel that I sign as author, will be edited by LFA Publisher in 2018. For Kremisi, another graphic novel (this is a superhero genre NdR), instead, I’m evaluating the offers that some publishing houses have been propose to us. There is much talking about it, online and in general. It’s a project with a potential seriality… and many possible spin offs. It has not yet been released and the fans continue to grow on the social media pages dedicated to the series. It means I did / we did a good job! Then I have a novel (Piccole vite infelici) and a collection of stories (Bingo Bongo e altre storie). I have received bids for these too, but I think I will both published like ebooks. Obviously … if the “right” offer will come …

EM: It’s really a lot of stuffs! Can you talking about “Fear”? What is it? What does this story say?

Stefano Labbia: Fear is the story of Max McGregor, a boy who, on the day of his eighteenth birthday, discovers he has the “gift” of looking at the present, the past and the future by simply touching him/her (or trying, with him / her, empathy). As if McGregor’s situation was not enough hard… The father, anafective and rude, former soldier, had to grew up Max alone: his mother, suffering from disturbances, ran away leaving both when Max was still small. But after the “discover” to having powers, Max is threatened several times by a mysterious sect that seems to have strange ESP powers, just like the young british… Some production company are showing their interess at the series, also on the thrust of the two big networks that have guaranteed an editors’s vision of the pilot: I hope to be in pre-production for the end of the year.

EM: Last question: hobbies? Activities That Relax You?

Stefano Labbia: In the last period, I’ve only wrote and invested on myself, hoping that all my hard work, would go back. And i’m convinced that soon it will do it, but the “process” is very long and the walking is uphill walk. I want to tell my word. I have so much to say and much to give. Until then … I think all my energies will be invested full time in my projects. No hobbies for me! Looking at the past … I always liked to sing, play the piano, draw, read (comics and books) … play video games, why not! I’m a boy of the ‘90s! And there has been a time, who i was a football player — I was a good lateral / midfielder then a bad injury… it has made me what I am now. But I can certainly not complain!

EM: Thanks a lot, Stefano, for the availability !!!

Stefano Labbia: Thanks!