Time to Rethink the Federal Role in Education
Taylor Griffin

In truth, although federal funding may have increased in recent years, North Carolina still stands far behind most other states when it comes to funding education. As the parent of an autistic child who still has not found a classroom in our county where he is successful in handling his social/emotional/communicative needs and where funding for Special Education seems extremely limited, I feel that federal laws are actually not being followed. I used to work as a special education teacher. Rather than special educators being encouraged to meet the needs of their students, there are special meetings behind closed doors where decisions are made prior to the parent arriving by people who aren’t even in the classroom but want to save money. It has nothing to do with meeting the needs of our children and everything to do with the budget, which is nonexistent.

I don’t know what the solution is because I do not know enough about economics to really understand how all this works, but if I had time, I’d figure it out. As of now, I’m busy trying to teach my students math on limited resources, raise a child with autism who gets suspended constantly because of behavior that is due to his disability, go to graduate school, and raise money while blogging on important issues related to autism and special education.