QUESTION TIME: Support for Autism Community
Taylor Griffin

Thanks for your response. I think that teachers in some areas are implementing strategies, but far too many are completely unaware of how to help children with autism succeed. My child has been suspended 6 days this school year, and that’s with him having an IEP and services that are meant to assist him in being his best self. They have no idea what his triggers are or how to handle it when he gets frustrated/upset.

Also, most parents with autistic children don’t have money TO save due to the expense of raising a child with autism. While the ABLE Act might help families who have money to save, it does little to help the middle class or the poor of America. It would be nice if all teachers were required to be trained on appropriate behavioral strategies for a child with autism. Maybe we could keep more autistic children in the regular classroom then. As it stands, the answer we’re given is to self-contain and put our children, who are highly susceptible to mimicking behaviors, with children who have other behavioral issues. There’s no model of good behavior for him to follow. What’s the expectation?

Anyway, there is certainly a lot that could be done to make the situation better. I have lots of opinions as a parent, as a math teacher, and as a former special education teacher that left the job because of the number of policies being broken. I could no longer handle watching children suffer because of a lack of budget.