My Sims Story: When Is The Best Time To Get Married?

The Sims is a very interesting game. It is wonderful how one can recreate other aspects of our real world in a game. I mean, everything about life with its little challenges and individual goals are all recreated in this game. The game helps you simulate building a career; getting married, etc.I have always had a thing for this game as it brings to clearer focus the need to plan.

Recently, while playing this game, my mind strayed to a friend and I began to ask myself the question; “When exactly is the right time for one to get married?” I mean, it is all okay to get married early, seeing as most people now perceive marriage as some form of feather in their caps, but is taking it as an achievement enough reason for one to do it? And yeah, there is the fantasy of ‘growing up’ with your kids, but what happens when you cannot really fend well for the kids? I also know that some people say that the key thing is finding the right person, and once love is involved, both of you will find a way through it all. My question has always been; “Can you feed the kids or yourselves with love?” So many questions, right? Well, playing The Sims can do that to you! You begin to think of the “real and necessary first steps” in doing things in life.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with a comfortable average couple(especially couples who are sure of a steady monthly income) getting married early and gradually working their way up the ladder. The ones I am worried about are those who just jump into marriage without making out time to plan for their children. It is clear to everybody that once you are married, the chances of having a child increase drastically. Also, the tiny buffers of having to deal with some responsibilities as separate individuals quickly evaporate. Love is good, but love cushioned by strategic planning is heavenly.

Which brings me back to the real question; “When is the best time to get married?” My “Sims story” suggests that marriage like other of life’s endeavours should be carefully planned and strategically implemented by keeping in view all the various aspects of it. This is just my own opinion, can we have yours?

Have a blessed weekend!

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