Of New Year Resolutions And Spirituality

I don’t know if it is just me, but there is always a sense of spirituality that cloaks us in Nigeria, towards the last two days of every year.People begin to go to church more often, and prayers are more loudly said. Then there is the now trendy issue of churches engaging in end of the year praying and fasting.Last two nights, and even last night, we could not sleep as pastors kept blazing a thoroughfare into 2016 with ‘fire’.

Then there is the annoying issue of ‘new year resolutions’. Many will resolve not to drink alcohol, beat up women,or spend money carelessly in the ‘new year’. Some others will set goals: to be married this new year, to buy a car, to have a child, to build a house, to establish a new business. And as the first few weeks of January and February will attest, a lot will be committed towards making these resolutions stand. Many people break the resolutions within the first few days, adjust them, and then break the adjusted ones after a few more days.Some lucky resolutions make it to at the most two-three months, then crumble.An almost general trend is that at the middle of the year, we had forgotten all the resolutions, forgotten our half-spirited attempts at renewed spirituality, and like Buhari’s government,slacked back into the humdrum of our usual existence. It seems that nothing ever changes.

I think that the preparation for the ‘new year’ is so energy-sapping that by the time we eventually ‘crossover’ to the new year, we had run out of gas.Whatever energy is left is thus used up quickly within the first few days,weeks, or months. Then before we renew the lost energy, we find ourselvs in October. In October, die-hard spiritual leaders who are looking to end the year strongly(in financial terms) will encourage us that; “It is not over till it is over!Reclaim your inheritance!” or with “Who Chained My Goat Since January?Untie It !” We gobble all that up again, and throw in the few coins we have left.Yet nothing changes.By November, we had

started looking forward to the ‘new year’ with optimism — it is a never ending cycle.

It is not my intention to put a crack on our well crafted vehicle of new year resolutions and spirituality. My only desire is that as we munch on our chicken, beef, goat meat, or whatever else, we take out time to reflect on the essence of things and intelligently evaluate how to make plans for our future.

Have a blessed 2016!