PATIENCE; the key to fabulous hair!

yet most people have no time for it!

Today, most people would rather do a 30-minute wash + dry + styling trip to the salon than have their hair air-dry while it sits in plaits, twists, or braids.

Who can blame them though?

Surely there are better things to do in today’s 21st century other than sit around waiting for a “natural process”!

…that’s why we created all them gadgets you know?” is their quick and rational reply.

But really?

Let’s face it… the issue is not so much the fact that there is no time. The issue is that we are IMPATIENT!

Yes, I called YOU impatient.

Fret not though, I have reason to.

REASON? : Practice makes one perfect… and perfection comes with patience!


We hear and read of fabulous wash and go hair-styles that you can pull off within this 30-min timeframe we all so impatiently need to stick to. We are excited! We want to try this glorious new routine that will save our hair from heat and turn it into this almost mythical glorious mane!!

But when we try this process, our hair isn’t as forgiving and it’s not as effortless as these Natural Queens of YouTube make it look :(


1. Don’t give up after the first, second, …or even third try! ‘Cos guess what, it’s actually the the subsequent times that’s the charm (LOL).

2. Use genuinely good products; don’t stop at the Organic plastered on the front label. Read the entire packaging!

3. Start small and with a simple hair-regime to suit your hair, and then build your confidence as time goes on.

4. You are definitely free to do some protective styling when the going gets tough 🙂

Now, I know… I know…

You’re sceptical. I am beginning to sound like those Natural Queens of YouTube. Well that’s to be expected; I am a #greenbeautyblogger! (LOL). The best kind too… Why? Well because I AM HERE TO TEACH!

Watch out for my next blog post if you want to see my 3-Product natural blow out hair routine/regime.

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