Indoor air pollution is linked to the five most deadly causes of diseases in the World

You are what you breathe

Then, there is something we don’t pay too much attention to, but something that we do all the time to keep us alive. Breathing? Yes, breathing!

Did you know that we take about 20,000 breaths every day? It’s what keeps us alive…We don’t pay a lot of attention to it, but we should.

The air we breathe affects how we feel. It can causes us to feel relaxed, energized, or uncomfortable at times. While we eat and drink only a few times a day, we breathe constantly. You just breathed. Right now! We believe that understanding what we’re breathing into our bodies and reacting smarter to our environment is an important step to lasting healthy lifestyle.

Several diseases occur because of the environment around you. These health problems are caused by low air quality — outside and inside.

Air pollution is a major environmental risk to society. It is responsible for strokes, heart diseases, lung cancer and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma.

According to latest research, 5.5 million premature deaths occur around the world each year.

Urban outdoor air pollution can have a serious impact on indoor air quality, especially in highly ventilated buildings or in buildings near pollution sources.

Similarly, indoor air pollution sources may also have serious influence on outdoor air pollution, especially in cities where many people live.

But the problem is even bigger…. indoors

We spend up 90% of our lives indoors, where air can be even 8–10 times more polluted than outside. Indoor air pollution is linked to the five most deadly causes of diseases in the World.

Every day in the US 40 000 people miss school or work and 11 people die for asthma.

Indoor air quality has an influence on our health, mood and creativity.

Well-being of building occupants is directly linked to SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) reduced productivity in offices and impaired learning in schools.

In the last years is has been proven, that the air in homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor in even the largest cities.

So what can we do?

In Emerald we asked ourselves this question…We decided to develop smart air quality system for everyone.

Smart Air Quality System: sensors, air purifier and mobile app

First step was to create a smart electronic air quality trackers — Emeralds

Whether it be in your home, a hotel room, a restaurant, or a school​, this device detects allergens ​and molds which are the source of the bacteria that make us ill.​

Knowledge is super important because it allows us to take actions. So next step was to create something, which reduces pollution in the air.

Aero (air purifier) is automatically turned on when Emerald alarms about low air quality and kills bacteria and mold by LED UV-C disinfection technology. Device also has built-in 3 advanced composite filters which have 4 stage filtration process made on: preliminary filter, antiallergic filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter.

All systems are connected with mobile app, that provides you with all the data in the real-time.

We are building products that will help us make smarter and healthier lifestyle choices. And we’re excited about that. Stay tuned and join us in our mission to help us breathe smarter.

We are excited about building products that will help us make smarter and healthier life choices. This​ May we are launching​ an Indiegogo campaign and know this invention will ​revolutionize how we proactively protect our health against invisible things that make us sick.​

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