Emerge Update: Week 12

April 10, 2016

This week has been a little crazy, but it was also pretty productive! We published a good number of pieces including the newest New Entrepreneurs story and the first episode of The Friendship Project. There have been a few more stories being laid out to be published in the upcoming days. This week some challenges we faced were related to the lay out of stories. I faced issues with the sizing of images making them blurry in the post, this took some trial and error and eventually worked itself out. We also faced Wordpress issues including editing access disappearing and log ins not working. This proved to be very frustrating but we did our best to keep working on what we could. The design team also requested that we send stories through them once they’ve been laid out for final touches on their end. This is absolutely fine to do, it just changes the work flow a little bit.

During class we figured out the regulations for images to use through creative commons and Diana and I found new ones to update the images we had previously been using. Also on Tuesday, Diana and I led the web magazine’s presentation during the all stream meeting where we showed the newest teaser for Ringside and some other content we have up. After those meetings we met with some content creators to talk about the layout of their stories.

Since Tuesday, we have been working on our letter from the editor with Daniela, and talking with Belinda about the next step for the gallery page using the images the image art students submitted, this means we are looking through images and choosing which ones to use on the magazine.

Outside of the web, our final portfolios were due for our internships at the beginning of the week. Diana and I have also handed in our finals for the gallery and will be working on printing and finalizing our artist statements for that. I finished editing the headshots for the gallery and those have been sent to Agnie.

On Tuesday we will be finishing our letter, our headshots, and will be laying out long form stories together during class.

Written by Lauren

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