The madness of my peaceful mind…

There are moments I wish to hide from myself, moments that are me even though I wish they weren’t.

I’m speaking of the violence within me, the crushing power to destroy another whom threatens my conception of justice and understanding, my life or another’s.

The person who threatens my existence as it is, as I desire it to be, even if they are not explicitly doing so…

This is the kind of madness that exists within even though I wish it didn’t. But it does.

Perhaps it exists as a degree of testosterone, but I don’t believe that only men exhibit this sensation.

I know better. It’s in us all.

But within me, it feels terrifying, like a part of me, the dream existence that has destroyed many dream lives exists beyond the dreamscape.

Death doesn’t carry for me what it does for others.

Thanatos breathes my breath, and still I desire to live.

I share with you a part of me, that most hide from others, even from ourselves.

There’s no desire for me to make you see something you don’t.

These are words that exist as they will for no purpose beyond the purpose of sharing, however they fall for you.

To seeing and awakening,