Challenge - Discover your potential

Being Challenged is something a lot of people don’t try or exercise.

Today I started two weeks Andela Bootcamp cohort XXIII (Kenya), From the morning I met with my team members and facilitator giving us instructions. It was awesome knowing each other.

At the time boot camp was fun. I had already started the tasks we have been given, But the real challenge came when I started to realize the tasks we will be supposed to work on the first day. To be honest I am not a Blogging guy, Other tasks were not too challenging as I was familiar of what I was working on but Blogging (What?) That is where my downs were. First of all I thought I will be blogging about, I spent like 10 min thinking.

By the time I thought about How I expected things to be easier. Then I decided opened medium and started to write. The point here is that being challenged by writing a blog post and finally do it, This showed me how are things we are capable of but we never do for no reason and which are helpful.

Today I gained something important, Challenging myself to do things I don’t used to do before (Of course the better ones). That is the thing I should encourage everyone should do. This helps to discover the the potential you hold and don’t know. And that is the first thing I gained from my day one Andela bootcamp apart from my amazing team and facilitator.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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