My first sight Ninjas

Fourth day of the bootcamp and best experience ever. The Spirit of everyone that came in Andela was exceptional. Most of the time people gets influenced by the people around as they say.

From day one of the bootcamp we have bonded and hacked, it was fun, challenging and I enjoyed it. Working together on various tasks which were challenging for all of us. Day by day we improved by helping each other with the help of our facilitator. My team was amazing, each of us is courageous according how this boot camp was challenging nobody who has gave up even though each of us had met with tons of blockers.

One of my team mates said in our slack channel ‘anyone stuck??’, This shows how passionate my team was and how he is a helping person. Another team member who is inspirational a lot is the girl we have in our team, due to the fact that she is very courageous, how he overcame some of very serious blockers that bothered her and kept working so hard.

I like how each and everyone of us was really a ninja, determined as the name we chose to be called for the first day. But our facilitator is comprehensive person, He understood our blockers.

During challenge 2–3 there is our team mate who was progressed significantly and he told us that he will have time to help us, and He helped us a lot. I can not finish without mentioning one my team mate who made me go to check on Google Translate the meaning of “ Maze mneona giza leo ” This is Kiswahili I do not yet know it but fortunately Google translate has been there for me.