Project Macrocosm

Eartnae — Prologue version 1

It must have felt like the world was ending. The streets were flooding with pandemonium, violence, and death, as the world seemed to snap into a different reality. Almost as if the road ahead was torn in two by a Natural disaster. But it wasn’t natural, at least not what was thought of as 'natural' at the time. Unnatural or natural, regardless the effects of the Collision surged through our world unimpeded redefining the world we had thought we had finally understood.

Twenty years ago, a secret experiment was being executed at a secret Lab near the Rockies. The experiment ended in an alarming failure, and tore into a dimensional boundary, or at least that’s how it was reported. The result was the event we now refer to as “the Collision.” It was a wave of unknown energy sweeping through the Earth. In its wake were people writhing in pain and being consumed by light as they transformed into beings resembling that of ancient legends and fairytales.

It must’ve been terrifying seekng people transform into what were often described as monsters. Things worsened as telecommunications were disrupted by the peculiar energy flooding the Earth. People were lost and afraid, the infrastructure crumbling aroud them, and in their fear, many resorted to violence, attacking these “monsters” only to realize that they were clearly outmatched, not that that stopped them. It took two weeks to finally restore some semblance of order, two weeks of silence and blood.

Once the peace was returned it was further revealed that during this time many countries the world over found portals which led to the fertile land of “Gaia,” a world of magic and sorcery. It seemed clear that Gaia was connected to the Collison. Both people and countries found themselves believing that the people of Gaia had done this to them, and likewisr Gaia was highly suspicious of Earth and it’s technology.

And yet, even though we had stood on the precipice of war and disaster, over these past twenty years, a peculiar form of peace has developed not just both between Gaia and Earth, but also between the plain humans and the transformed “hybrin.”

Many people say nowadays that things have finally rerutned to normal. I was a kid when the Collision happened, so I don’t know if they’re right or not, but even as a kid I was more enchanted than I was fearful. Even if I wasn’t, I was to wrapped up in myself to really understand what was happening, and as a result, I feel distant from a lot of the fear and anxiety that people tell me they remember. I was more preoccupied by how cool it was that my best friend was a spider-girl, and dreaming about what I’d become if I transformed.

I stared at my laptop screen, the blinking cursor taunting me to write something. I sighed in protest, this was the third paper I had to write, a self-reflection of how I saw the Collision, yet I had spent more than half of it already rambling about its history instead. I groaned and stuck my tounge out toward the screen.

“Bzzzzt!” went my phone. I sighed as I picked it up, tapping the screen to wake it up. “Dinner!!! :D” read the top message, an anime style illustration of my friend Flora next to it. My stomach growled as if in excitement. I reached for a clear bottle with a few pills in it, and stared at the light blue pill at the bottom and giggled and made my way downstairs.

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