Project Macrocosm — What is?

Project Macrocosm (working title) is a set of stories I’ve been working and brainstorming for a long time now. It’s changed a lot from when I was just daydreaming as a kid, and become a universe I want to share.

I have a few stories kicking around in my head, but I’m going to be sticking to only two for now.

Legacy: In a distant galaxy, a galactic union has brought many species of people together as the Grand World Council. However this peace came to an end when the planet of Rasla Almia was attacked by a foreign robotic threat. Nearly twenty solar cycles have past, and the GWC is beginning to crumble under the incessant attacks of the robotic “Effis Empire.”

Yet hope lives, as on a quiet planet, untouched by war, a baby girl was saved by the attacks on Rasla Almia. With the knowledge and strength she gained from her adoptive father, Asta embarks on a journey that will change everything.

And second…

Eartnae: Twenty years ago, the people of Earth were shaken to their core when a bizarre mystical energy washed over the Earth. In its wake, people, animals, and plants were transformed into what could only be described as magical creatures. People found themselves turnes into angels, centaurs, lizardmen, arachne, demons and more. Other humans began to conjure magic, while many humans remained simplr humans, paralyzed by fear and confusion.

The effects of this “Collision” left the world saturated with a magical energy that would continue to transform life the world over, causing further pandemonium for countries already reeling. Countries posed with not only the chaos of these transformations, but a new neighbor in the magical world of Gaia.

Now, in the present day, the people of Earth have managed to recover, and the young Celeste ventures into this new mysterious world. What awaits her in a world feigning peace, and what mysteries does the world of Gaia hold for her? Only time can tell.

I hope you’ll all enjoy these stories. Thank you for reading! ❤

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