How VITA Got +700.000 Loyalty Club Members In 18 Months

We have met up with a range of different ecommerce managers to talk to them about their business, what works and what doesn’t — and to benefit from their knowledge.

Have an exclusive look behind the scenes of the ecommerce department at Vita, Norway’s biggest perfumery, beauty and health shop. 
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Who is Vita?

Vita is Norway’s biggest perfumery, beauty and health store. They have 214 stores, 1000 store staff, 35 years of operations and 1,2 billion NOKR in last year revenue.

2,5 years ago Vita made a strategic decision to focus on online sales. They created an omnichannel strategy, and as a part of that strategy they have launched a loyalty program. After eighteen months they already have +700.000 members and are still counting.

I wanted to know more about Club Vita

700.000 members! That made me curious to know more about their customer club, so I asked them to tell me more about Club Vita:

-”The goal is to increase basket sizes in stores and to increase the frequency of sales — and create loyalty of course.”

-”We do the content creation in-house. We send out newsletters weekly, and we do a lot of tailored content based on interests and categories. We also go down to the product level, and we try to create content based on your buying history. Next level of refinement will be predictive buys.”

Vita told me that their end goal is that no two newsletters should be identical. You can read how they will reach that goal [here]

Torkel Johannesen, Head of the Ecommerce and Omnichannel, & Alf Johndal, Head of Club Vita.

How to get all the data?

As far as I know, this means they have to do a lot of segmentation — and they need a huge amount of data. I asked Vita how they manage this:

-”We segment on demographics (age, interests, and town) and our concept level — if you are VITA Classic or VITA Exclusive member.”

-“The sign-up process is simple — we get the phone number and email address and then we get you to fill out a more detailed profile afterwards. When we ask, it is simple questions like town and interests. We use Analytics to investigate what you are buying and thereby creating a fuller profile on you.”

Besides this, they are also using different data sources in order to create a personal experience for their customers. [Click here to read how]

This was just a few of the takeaways from the look behind the curtains at Vita, but there is a lot more!

In the Blog post you will find the following:

We have met up with a range of different ecommerce managers to talk with them about their business, what works and what doesn’t — and to benefit from their knowledge.

In this blog post, Norway’s biggest perfumery, beauty and health store VITA lifts the veil of their incredible omnichannel strategy. The revelation also includes how they manage their loyalty club of 700.000 members, and how it grew to that size in just 18 months.

As this wasn’t enough, they also tell us about:

  • The technical setup at Vita
  • Their most important marketing channel
  • Their hardest marketing channel in terms of ROI
  • What Vita outsources
  • How the customer club supports their omnichannel strategy
  • How and what Vita track — Both online and offline
  • Their best advice on how to implement an omnichannel strategy
  • The coolest thing they’ve ever done
  • What Vita sees as a big mistake
  • What favorite tools they have

And lastly they give us their best ecommerce advice!

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