[Day 0] Zero to MVP in 30 Days — What it’s all about

Emil Bruckner
Nov 23, 2017 · 2 min read

I’ve decided to do my next (yet another) thing.

About a week ago I had an idea for a project. I still think that the idea has some potential, so I’ll do some validation now.

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The first official document of this project

Why this log here on Medium?

A guy called Matthew Odette lately started a series called “Zero to MVP in 30 Days”, and I’ll simply copy him, because I really like the concept.
Writing about my progress on a daily basis probably gives you the greatest insight possible and is probably quicker than writing 10 large articles. I allocate very limited time to this.

Day 0 is here to layout some rules for this log. Check out Matthew’s Day 0 to see what I changed.

  1. I’ll stay super lean at 20 hours / week
  2. If I don’t hit my targets, I’ll end this thing.
  3. 1 log / day + maybe some extra articles

My “targets”

People should say that this is a good idea more often then the opposite in the first 2 weeks.

30 people I can contact on launch / 30 emails after 15 days

Day 30: 30 people in a free trial — no credit card required (I won’t build a payment system until then, it will be an MVP after all).

As soon as one of the above isn’t true, I’ll stop and continue working on votre.me, a personal relationship manager. (What the heck is that?)

How will the next days look like?

Just like Matthew and many other folks doing daily logs of some kind, I’ll end them with some sort of todo for the next day. I might also include some metrics as soon as I have some. I want to be very open with this. Why else would you read it? This is geared towards people like me who would like to create tiny things on the web. I want to share details about development, marketing and everything else involved. I’ll stay flexible with the product / service, so I’ll also do that with this log.

Day 1

Day 1 will be about the idea and all the other thoughts I have already had about this, including software-stack, target audience, a bit of planning and so on.

Follow me for the next days.

→ Day 1

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