If you and I,
if we make it through this,
The first thing we’ll do,
is bind our hearts with a soul kiss

If you and I,
if we make it through this,
We’ll soon visit the magnificent Alps,
and wander across the Swiss

If you and I,
if we make it through this,
I promise you a lifetime of bliss,
Oh my darling Iris!

And I know Iris,
we will surely make it through this
The world still goes on,
despite its hits and misses
For I know one thing Iris,
In the end, we’ll have all the happiness & riches!

Come into my dreams tonight,

where everything is just alright

This summer sun’s shining bright,

Where darkness disappears away into the light

Come into my dreams lady,

Come into my dreams tonight

Where love flows through these surreal streets,

I find you in my arms whenever we meet,

Like two ships quietly sailing away from the fleet,

Our love’s so innocent and naively discreet

Your beautiful face appears in my eyes,

like a ray of glimmering white light,

Come into my dreams lady,

Come into my dreams tonight.

Where the stars are out to greet us

But the moon’s yet to arise- a sleeping…

She is like the weather
So unpredictable, yet so necessarily beautiful
Some days it never rains, but it pours.
Giving a new lease of life, to those tender creepers,
crawling across the wooden floors

Some days she shines bright like the sun,
spreading her warmth
Drawing that wonderful rainbow,
just to let you know
that day has finally been won

Some days, she's cold, like freshly fallen snow
All you can do is snuggle & wait,
For soon chill winds will blow
And as the thicket of ice melts,
gentle love will flow

Some days it’s overcast and bleak
Like the backdrop of a Murakami novel
You grab that cup of chocolate coffee and forget all your worries
And bask in the melanholic nostalgia of blissful…


Neeraj Chavan

Just another bird trying to swim. Literature. Music. Mathematics, Science and Art. I live to create beautiful stories.