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With Liferay releasing new products such as Analytics Cloud and Commerce we decided to cover the need for charts by providing an open source library.

The technology

Clay, our main implementation of Lexicon, created Clay charts. These charts are built on top of Billboard.js where many contributions have been done by Julien Castelain and other Liferay developers. Billboard.js is an adaptation layer on top of D3.js, probably the most known and used for data visualization these days.

The issue

Although Billboard.js is a very good framework, it was not covering all our needs in terms of interaction design and visual design. …

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Geronimo! This is my first post in English (ever) so I want to improve it by writing. I’m going to share with you a simple knowledge about finding the impossible images for your personal and commercial projects. Yeah, that kind of pictures that are free and professional at the same time. I know, it’s like a paradox, but they exists, trust me!

The Flickr Formula

I know you all love Unsplash and Picjumbo like me (included as a bonus point at the bottom of this post) but, for those who used those images for a while, there’s an entire and dedicated social for photographers out there that gives you an incredible number of free images every day.
Just open Flickr, think about some tags and use the advanced option that allows you to search a photo for commercial purposes, you’ll find a lot of pictures from different categories like people, nature, architecture, cars, technology that are just incredible. …


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