Createfutures, “We are a collective of young art and design enthusiasts, interested in museums and culture, aged 16–24, working in collaboration with the V&A. Coming from diverse backgrounds and with a range of interests and skills, we aim to open up the Museum and its collections to other young people in exciting and interactive ways. We are committed to CreateVoice, meeting regularly to share ideas, engage in dynamic creative projects, discussions and debates, plan future events and participate in workshops. Once we reach the age of 25, we become CreateVoice fellows and have opportunities to show our own work and attend events.”

  • Create opportunities for young people to meet professionals working in the creative industries.
  • Curate CreateVoice public evening events in the Museum. Lead CreateTours of exhibitions and galleries in the Museum.
  • Write articles, reviews of exhibitions and events, conduct interviews take photographs and make films, published on the CreateVoice blog.
  • Produce trails, films and other resources for young people. Take part in workshops and projects with artists, designers, makers and curators and discuss our own work.
  • Organise CreateConferences, an international platform for young people and professionals to debate, critique and showcase ideas, knowledge and skills pertinent to art, design, performance and their place in the wider world.

They work together with local youth and community groups to deliver three major projects a year for young people, however the last organised project was 2014. However on the createfutures blog they still are very active and seem to be organizing lots of projects for this year. This is a project which is very engaged with the community and getting young people involved with museums and art. I want to get involved with a community project which included those main goals, I have looked around Bristol for something similar. however I haven't found anything as of yet, maybe there is a gap in the market for me to fill?

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