Lisa Barnard talk

  • teaches at south wales uni
  • psychological aesthetics, lots of theroy.
  • looking at the relationship between subject/ photographer/ viewer
  • Also looking at mothers/daughters and women in general.
  • applied for a grant at the arts council after her degree, and started a project of children watching theater while she photographs them as part of her year long residency at the Unicorn Theatre. ‘The only images that produced anything on the 5 x 4 negatives were from those children that remained still. This only occurred when they were totally absorbed by what was unfolding on stage. The work was inspired by ideas of aesthetics and Fredrich Nietzche “The Birth of Tragedy”
Looking at theatre
  • Blue star moms, mothers of sons who are fighting at war
  • The Blue Star Mom’s is an organisation founded in World War II to support mothers whose sons or daughters were serving in the US military. There are now 75 ‘chapters’ all over America. I spent 3 weeks with a group based in Danville, near San Francisco, California, just as the 2nd battle of Falluja in Iraq was taking place in 2004.

  • In 2004 whilst visiting the ‘Blue Star Mom’s’ I helped collate various consumables, donated by local businesses, to send as packages to sons and daughters who were currently on a tour of duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Read an essay by Mark Power and a review by Peter Conrad.
  • object fetishim
  • connecting a viewer to the subject
  • generatic care packages
  • only used brands in the packages, symbolism, advertisement, commercialized grief.
Care packages 1

  • 2007 comissioned to photograph the conservative headquarters building.
  • The empty spaces within 32 Smiths Square were various shades of blue. The building had a notorious reputation for being partly responsible for the demise of the conservative party with its ‘rabbit warren’ style layout, encouraging descent and backstabbing. It is well documented that Michael Howard, during his brief time as leader, made it a priority to move the Conservative Central Office to an environment more ‘aesthetically pleasing’. Lord Parkinson — chairman of the Conservative Party from 1981 to 1983 and again from 1997 to 1998-, said: “a distinctly shabby feel at Central Office was encouraged by the then-treasurer Lord McAlpine, to create a parsimonious air to encourage donors to be generous. McAlpine had a huge hole in the carpet when you went into his room and when and when a benefactor offered to give him a new carpet, said, ‘Over my dead body. That hole is worth thousands.
  • 6 imches of power — essay on power
32 smiths square

  • Virtual iraq
  • Multi-room configurations of the FlatWorld system at the time were being developed for use by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in Arlington, Virginia, and the Infantry Immersive Trainer (IIT) FlatWorld system was installed at Quantico, Virginia and at Camp Pendleton, California. ONR invested $75 million in Human Performance, Training and Education (HPT&E) related technologies for the Marine Corps and the Navy, with a further $50 million over the following five years. By incorporating the US Army’s Research and Development at ICT, the ONR intended to develop the next generation of science and technology for optimising warfighter performance and small unit excellence.
  • a virtual program to cure post traumatic stress disorder in soilders
  • the stress of war and how in manifests
  • Heard of the program from the radio, and made contact
  • Barnard photograped the training programs, sets and objects.
  • the screen being integral to everyday life
  • got acess to health centre where they test the virtual program on adolescents.
  • memory is emedded
  • photographing the virtual triggers, the screen — not real.
Virtual iraq

  • 2011 started hyenas in the battle field
  • Live footage recorded at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Unmanned Systems conference, of imagery captured on a Wescam MX-25 Thermal Imaging System. The MX-25 was operated by a member of FLIR and tracked my movements while I interacted with other visitors at the exhibition.on drones
  • working directly with psycholgists
  • in 2012 more people committed suicide than killed in action.
  • line between truth and fiction
  • technological sublime