The Horizontal Scroll Interface
Fabian Frey

I like to see those out of the box articles, here are some thoughts on this:

  • A navigation like this can create interference with gestures based UI like swipping back to the previous level
  • I would give a try to a tab bar navigation, with that burger you are still having the same problems than traditional burgers, and the space that is going to take is low according to the advantages that it gives
  • Floating elements like that back chevron are impeding the reading experience, if you are ignoring the second point, I would place that button down the “menu bar” at the left

I also think that a mixture of vertical and horizontal scrolling system can be used, depending on the theme, and enjoyed for users, but a totally disrupted way to present it can be a pain for some users because you have to apply a totally different mental model for that app

Anyway good job, you gave me some ideas to work on ;)

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