Sentiments To Live By
Joshua Hehe

Yes, although I am worried about matters like Syria’s war, the hunger in some countries of Africa, etc, some years ago I decided put my effort in the little things that I can change or make a good impact in my environment.

  1. I go to work by my bicycle ( I save money in petrol and time: on one hand I don´t have to worry about find a place for parking and, on the other hand I do exercise, so I don´t have to go to a gym after work)
  2. I always try to buy food, fruit, vegetables made/sourced by little local companies or farm and, if can, I buy them at my neighborhood’s groceries.
  3. I buy clothes, tools… made in my country or EU. It is not for a patriot reasons: first, I know that these things are made by workers with a good labour rights; second, I help to avoid the off shoring of this companies.
  4. In this regard, I only buy thing when really is needed. For example, my laptop is four years old and it works well, why I have to change it?.
  5. I haven´t seen TV for months, I have never be potty about it, but lately news look likes advertisements from Government or corporations. There are thousands of programs such as big brother, famous island full of ignorance and stupidity.
  6. Every day I try to fight my overcome my fears: speak or write in English, accept than I am introvert and I don’t have to be talking all time but yes when is needed. Don´t worry about I made mistakes when I am writing (for example now) or coding… because making mistakes is the only way to learn and, as is a lot better than not doing anything.
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