Does social media affect failure in Start-Ups?

Someone comes up with a great idea, decides to move on with it, and builds a start up. This will result with success or failure. It is important to be aware of the essentials steps of the causes of failure.

When building a start up or having the idea of a start up first question that should be asked is “ will this solve a problem that consumers have?” Is there a need for this new product or software? Building a solution with a problem, compelling value proposition is important in the sense of reaching out to the right target market. There are cases with start-ups that they fail because the timing may be wrong, the consumers do not need the service that the start up offers yet, and the startup was too early perhaps.

The social media is the most important way to reach at the right target market. The content and context are the two things that a start up should get it right in order to grab the attention of their audience. The new start-up should be involve with the most popular social media channels and publish valuable graphics with valuable information on them. In order to be able to manage and monitor the social media accounts they need to use a social media management tool, which will result in great time management. One of the social media management platforms that I would recommend is It would suit a start up just perfectly.

Passion will keep a start-up going. The team should be passionate about what they are doing and they should believe in it. Unmotivated team with no passion and persistence will reflect their dullness and negativity to the consumers and potential costumers. The audience will feel the vibes of the team’s positivity through their social media channels. Start-ups should never ignore the essence of great social media content marketing.

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