Sergio picked up his pace when he saw the sign being waved in the middle of the crowd. “REPENT! RECEIVE JESUS’ MERCY” the sign read. “I can’t believe those religious wackos are here,” he said angrily.

Mick rolled his eyes and sighed, walking faster to keep pace with him. “It doesn’t matter. Let’s not be late for dinner. Last week we were late and Tracy looked super pissed.”

Sergio scoffed. “Oh, so we’re just supposed to let these idiots attack us?”

They walked up to the man, who was yelling muffled words through a megaphone while a woman stood next to him, waving the sign. A crowd was gathered around the pair, most with their arms crossed, listening.

Just then a stocky guy in a Hawaiian shirt made his way through the crowd and stood next to the man with the megaphone, holding up a makeshift sign that read “FREE GAY HUGS”. The crowd laughed and applauded, and a few people went up and gave him a hug.

Nonplussed, the megaphone man kept saying things through his megaphone, waving a bible in his right hand. It was more than Sergio could take.

“Hey, why don’t you take your bigotry somewhere else, you asshole!” Sergio screamed at the man.

“Oh gawd,” Mick said, covering his face with his hands and shrinking into the crowd.

“Dude, there are kids around here,” a guy said, glaring at Sergio and pulling his toddler close to cover his ears.

“This isn’t the place for kids, anyway, you fucking hate monger!” Sergio screamed.

“It’s Disneyland,” the free hugs guy said, frowning at Sergio as a few people in the crowd chuckled.

“Hun, let’s go,” Mick said, grabbing Sergio’s hand.

“Actually,” a large security guard said, coming up behind them and grabbing each of them by the arms, “I’m going to have to ask both of you to leave the park.” He hustled them towards the park’s exit.

“But what about that guy?” Sergio protested, looking over his shoulder and seeing the crowd disperse and the sign gone.

“He’s being asked to leave too.” As they neared the exit, the security guard gave them both a hard shove. “Don’t cause trouble in my park again,” he said as he watched them leave.

“I guess you taught that guy a lesson, huh Serge?” Mick said angrily. “Well now Tracy’s really gonna be pissed.”