The Lake

From a creative writing assignment about description.

The way to the lake ascends, curving and without boundary on the paved road from the steep edge of the mountain to the land below. The road is busy with traffic both ways, with people traveling up to escape the confines of the city, and with people driving back down, relaxed from the vacation and eager to return home. As we drive, the tires crunch on the gravel and dirt, the opposing traffic whizzing past us with a dull roar.

The road is narrow, and as we stray off the paved blacktop to stay a safe distance from the cars driving down, we are uncomfortably close to the edge of the cliff. This fills me with some anxiety, which is somewhat soothed by the tall, green pine trees that fill the blue-skied mountain view. I roll the windows down, and that familiar smell of fresh pine fills my nostrils and lungs, so sweet I can almost taste it.

We are all growing excited, and the chatter inside the car grows as we discuss our vacation plans for the week. As we near the campsite, the smell of campfires fills the air, and the sound of children laughing as they play tickles our ears.

Night has fallen, and a million stars twinkle in the navy sky as we find our camping spot and roll the car to a stop, ready to set up camp.