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Pregnancy And Childbirth Leave Lifetime Damage

No one should be forced to sustain these harms

A person with longish blond hair and wearing shreds of cloth lies in a near-fetal position on a black floor, hands covering their face, with a body position that communicates pain and anguish.
Photo: Hailey Kean / Unsplash

Look at any digital or print publication that focuses on pregnancy, and you’ll see closeups of taut bellies enshrouded in gauzy white, or a newborn infant snuggled sweetly in a downy blanket. Sites created to be informative about the ages and stages of pregnancy…



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Emily Willingham

Emily Willingham

Journalist, author, Texan, biologist. I write All About Us (we=us), All About Adolescence (our longest growth stage), & All About Aging (we’re all doing it).